Seeds, let's grow together.


Development and growth

The company's development and growth has been made possible by the solid genetic research behind every Seeds technologies Italia product, a cornerstone on which we primarily pour our investments, and by the crystal-clear professionalism that characterizes every single member of the Seeds family.


Our goal is to grow together with our customers, placing genetic research alongside the increasingly important needs of our farmers and the fruit and vegetable sector. We listen carefully to the demands of the agricultural world, offering the best that SeedTec genetics can give us.

Our Team

Recupero Stefano

Team coordinator Italia

Reina Daniele

Resp. commerciale Sicilia

Marino Emanuele

Resp. e Croc specialist ricerca e sviluppo

Iacono Carmelo

Agente Sicilia orientale

Taranto Biagio

Responsabile logistiche e management

Ferro Pierantonio

Technical Promoter